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Six of One

Do you pay more for experience?

Is there a financial benefit to pay a Junior less who learns on the job, instead of spending more on someone with the experience and expertise to do the job well straight away?

Does the cost of waiting for someone to up-skill and make mistakes as they learn outweigh the cost of not making those mistakes in the first place?

Sometimes the best people to hire are the ones who have been through it all before and their best advice is how NOT to do stuff which can save you a ton of money.

If this was your house you were building and you didn't want to pay for someone to do the joinery and it took you 10 times longer to finish the job and it meant you had to continue renting for another couple of weeks, how good does that saving money decision feel now?

Making smarter decisions produce faster results by including the smartest people - it's quite simply, a smart investment. Which ever way you choose, delivery value equals time multiplied by cost.

It's your own time that's eating into that opportunity you hope to make into a reality.

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